Portal Usage Guide


Step-By-Step Instructions For Logging In and Uploading

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your email address and password.
    • Your password was emailed to you when you were registered.
    • You will use this password from here-on out to log into the portal. Please hold on to it.
    • If you do happen to misplace your password, please Contact Children's Program by calling 503-452-8002 or sending an email to your Children's Program contact.
  3. Click the "View Your Dashboard" button to access your private dashboard.
  4. In the "Submit Documentation" area of your dashboard, select the correct patient from the drop-down list, and then select their corresponding initial consult appointment.  Click "Go."
  5. Begin uploading paperwork by browsing to a file box and clicking the "Choose File" button.
    • A dialog box allowing you to select a form from your computer will appear.
    • Once you have selected the form and clicked "OK", the file will upload automatically.  You will know it has completed when the red exclamation point Alert icon turns into a green check mark. Green check mark
    • While the required paperwork must be uploaded individually, the collateral information can be uploaded as a single document, or separately as is most convenient for you.


Additional Notes


For more information about Children's Program, please visit our main site:

Thank you!